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A.V. Firearms Training's Primary Purpose is to Provide an Opportunity to Acquire The Knowledge, Skills And Attitudes Necessary to Safely & Successfully Pursue an Interest in Firearms.


  • Learn Safe Handling & Storage
  • Learn Proper Firearm Skills
  • Learn Home Invasion Safety
  • From Novice to Expert
  • Use Your Firearm or Our Loaner
  • Learn What's The Best Firearm For You
  • Classroom Study & Range Practice
  • Two Instructors For The Price of One


Our Pistol Safety & Shooting Course also includes; parts & operation, ammunition fundamentals, grip & trigger control, sight picture & marksmanship, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting positions, course certificate, $10. discount on NRA membership, free targets to keep! 


We're Proud Members of the NRA - Your Membership is Not Required But Available thru us! 




AV Firearms Training Approved Firearms Vendors

Angeles Shooting Ranges

Firearm Safety


AV Firearms Training is certified by the Department of Justice to administer the Firearm Safety Certificate test. It is the law in California that anyone who is 21 years of age and wishes to purchase a pistol or riffle acquires this Department of Justice Certificate. This certificate allows a person to purchase a pistol or riffle in California for a period of five years. This test is administered by Department of Justice Certified Instructors and you can obtain yours through AV Firearms Training for a cost of only $25. 

Turner's Outdoorsman - Palmdale
Oaktree Gun Club

Lon & Nicole McCracken


A.V. Firearms Training

Nicole & Lon McCracken - NRA Certified Instructors